Wig Stands With Perfect Likeness, Representation & Celebration Of African Beauty

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Why Lady M?

Like you, we are professional, entrepreneurial and creative. 

The quest to connect our HAIR - BEAUTY - FASHION products & skills to the outside world whether online, in store and at events leave many of us
searching endlessly for the right display mannequins & wig stands. Until now. 

We believe that representation matters and have created a collection of relatable options.

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Royal Honey - Full Glam


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Cocoa Supreme - Soft Glam



Divine Ebony - Soft Glam



Customer Reviews

I only buy mannequins that I feel like will resemble my clientele and she fits the bill! I like using the natural for my children clients in particular, but I like having the option of adding lip gloss and lashes. Such a beautiful piece of work. Keep it coming!


I purchased the Royal Honey Full Glam head and she's beautiful. Gorgeous features with full nose and lips! I sell crochet hats in my Etsy shop and I was looking for a doll head with this skin tone to model them. She's the perfect addition to my collection!


This mannequin is perfect for displaying my lash collection on my website and for making videos. Now customers can actually “see” how the lashes look when they are on as opposed to standard pictures of the lashes themselves....


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