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Here are some tips for using our mannequin heads. If you have other questions, please contact us at info@sholadym.com.


1. What can I use it for?

The mannequin head is versatile. It can be used as a wig stand (to display or make wigs), as a jewellery model or an accessory model. You can also use her for makeup practice, so if that’s your goal then make sure and get one of the natural models.

2. If I use it for makeup practice, can I use any type of makeup?

You can use just about any type of makeup with the head. If you are unsure, test it out on a small part at the back of the head or neck. *Avoid using makeup with long lasting and colour staining effects. It can leave a permanent colour stain on the surface. This may include certain lip stains, eyeliners, blush or eyeshadows. 

3. If I use it for makeup practice, How do I clean the makeup off?

It’s ok to use a mild cleansing milk or a moist makeup removal cloth. Avoid direct contact with the eyeballs. They are hand-painted and sensitive to rubbing which can cause fading. Use a q-tip around the eyes to get in close to remove eyeliner. Take your time. If a spot seems persistent, try using some baby oil and a soft cleaning cloth.

 4. Can I use my own lashes?

 Yes you can, especially on the natural models that come without her lashes on. We recommend using a mild, transparent lash glue. Sometimes you can take them on and off without applying more glue. Be careful and take your time if you want to remove and redo the lashes of the other models. The lashes are placed using a stronger glue so pulling them off harshly may damage the makeup paint underneath. 

5. Can I use pins in the head?

Yes you can, but please note that the holes will be permanent. Wigs will cover it, no sweat. She's both a work and glamour model.

6. Can I add more piercings?

For sure! The top of the ears are soft and flexible, so a needle would go right through. You can also pierce the nostrils, that would look supercool! 

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