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Mannequin wig stands & cosmetology training heads lack diversity.

A quick search for an African mannequin head will produce disappointing results. The models usually have European or unnatural features covered in ashy brown paint. I simply couldn’t relate to any of them and know that I’m alone.

I am Shaneka Neymour, designer and creator of Lady M. I was born and raised in The Bahamas and now live in Amsterdam. Lady M is my latest project, as I have previously founded fashion and beauty brands such as N’Mour (2012 -2015) and Over The Top (still active since 2015), known for ready-made clip-in hairpieces for natural hair.

Using my super power to create, I believe that I have something very meaningful and relevant during this universal shift and time of change. With this unique, niche product I hope to inspire and bring awareness to proper representation of black beauty. SHOP 

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Our story
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